Preserving the Artisans Together

The number basket weavers are in decline, they need us and here's how we can help.

We’re here to tell you something you did or didn’t know about this wicker weaving and because it is so rich in history, we thought it would only make sense to understand a little about it’s past, present and what we can do together to make sure there’s a future.



Let’s start at the root of the weave, (pun intended). Basket weaving is one of the most widespread crafts throughout the world. Each country has its own history of basket weaving with different weaves, patterns and materials all dictated by the plants that are grown in that particular region.

Wicker weaving isn’t created by machines, it’s all done by hand with a few simple hand tools. Baskets were (and still are) primary tools of life; for hunting and fishing, cooking, gifts. Baskets provided survival in daily life and in some regions are still woven for these same purposes - unchanged for centuries.


Now let’s fast forward to today, wicker products are still popular today but the demand for the skill is on the decline.

Why? Simple answer: demand. The production of wicker weaving is a dying craft, as demand for this skill fades, the next generation of wicker weavers fades with it. As the world constantly evolves, many traditional skills are left behind in the pursuit of technology advancement. But for some villages, they’re unable to move with the times and rely on what skills they have to survive. Through the eyes of the next generation of potential weavers, the slowing demand for basket weaving does not justify pursuing a career in this area - something we want to change.

We believe there are some traditions that need to last and wicker weaving is one of them. Without the demand for weavers our grandmother would not have had an income to support her family, and she represents all the other grandmothers who’s income relies on the demand for wicker baskets - (read about our grandmother’s story here).


Without the demand for weavers our grandmother would not have had an income to support her family, and she represents all the other grandmothers who’s income relies on the demand for wicker baskets.


It’s equally important for villages to maintain basket weaving as it is typically women who work as basket weavers. Our Indonesian women are able to live comfortably from the income from wicker weaving. Women no longer have to rely on the income of their husbands alone and create a double income that helps send their children to school and live a more comfortable life.

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We have experienced first hand the issues the lack of demand has created. You may or may not know, we used to have our baskets handwoven in China in our parents village, but sadly due to the decline in demand for our type of naturally woven basket, there were not enough people to produce the baskets we wanted - we had to look elsewhere. We had to seek artisans elsewhere to keep our handmade promise. After months of researching, our path led us to Indonesia, the rattan capital of the world where the rattan is sustainably grown in the Indonesian rainforests providing our artisans a sustainable living wage.



Our bags are more than just your average handbag. Our wicker bags carry a story, a family and a part of history that goes with it.




We’re living in a time where landscapes are changing, technology is evolving, skills are made redundant and the demand for wicker baskets is slowing down; but we are on this path together to champion this handmade art.

Our bags are more than just your average handbag. Our wicker bags carry a story, a family and a part of history that goes with it. You can see the artisan in your wicker handbag through the twist of a rattan cane and the hours spent weaving our bags. Every basket you see is the product of someone's handicraft. By designing products in a way that fit in with your lifestyle, and with your purchases we are creating demand for the current generation as well as giving reason for the next generation of artisans to exist.




Wicker Wings - Wicker Handbag - Straw Bag - Woven Bag - Summer Bag - Basket Bag (4950186033291)
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Wicker Wings - Wicker Handbag - Straw Bag - Woven Bag - Summer Bag - Basket Bag (4950198190219)


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