something different

A couple of years ago, James and I discovered our grandmother hand wove baskets in China years before moving to England.

I wanted a bag that was different to what everyone else was carrying. Tired of seeing different designs with the same materials, I wanted something that really stood out.

Inspired by our grandma and the stories told, we set out to create a brand that combined her artisanal past with sustainable, modern design.

Wicker Wings - Wicker Bag - Wicker Handbag - Rattan Bag

We're a family business

We're Belinda and James, a sister and brother team with the aim to put wicker on the map and show that this handmade art can be a staple in a women's wardrobe.

We're a small team, but it's a real family business with grandma still helping us out at our office.

sustainably handmade by female artisans

Each basket is handwoven by female artisans in Indonesia. This skill is declining, but through the demand of our bags, women can remain in employment and create a second income for their families.

Once handwoven they are sent to our studio in England, where our British craftsmen help transform the basket into a bag.

Our rattan is one of the fastest growing, replenishable natural materials in the world. Our Italian vegetable tanned leather uses only natural materials in the finishing process. 

Wicker Wings - Wicker Bag - Wicker Handbag - Rattan Bag - Family Business - Family Brand  - Family Business

our mission

Through modern design, we are able to sustain this handmade art and give wicker the new lease of life it deserves. There is a story, a family and artisan behind each one of our bags.

We hope you can join us in our journey.

Belinda, James and the family