a modern wicker bag for your wardrobe

If you're like us, you have struggled to find a modern wicker bag that fits your wardrobe; they’re either too artisanal or just for summer. After discovering the craftsmanship and the sustainable materials used, we wanted to find a high quality wicker bag that fits with our lifestyle.

There is a decline in the demand for this handmade art and it's our mission to show that this traditional art can coexist in the modern world.

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Wicker Wings - Wicker Bag - Wicker Handbag - Rattan Bag


We want to invest in a bag that we can talk about, that has a real story and a mission that we can champion; as well as something that fits in with our modern wardrobe.

We spend months designing and sourcing the finest and sustainable materials that go into creating our modern wicker bags and our goal is to create artistic fashion pieces that you wear day to evening and all year round.

traditional craft can coexist in the modern world. here's why.

As the world advances and technology changes, some arts are sadly forgotten about.

Wicker weaving is an art that is declining but through our considered design, we can make sure this art is not forgotten about.

We design wicker bags that show this handmade art can coexist in the modern world. Each bag provides a reason for the next generation of weavers to exist.

Wicker Wings - Wicker Bag - Wicker Handbag - Rattan Bag - Design - Behind the Scenes
Wicker Wings - Wicker Bag - Wicker Handbag - Rattan Bag

our story begins with our family

Like most great stories, they start round a kitchen table.

After a family conversation, we discovered that our Māma (grandmother) handmade wicker baskets for a living in China years before moving to England. The stories she told us gave us the inspiration to create a brand that would showcase how modern wicker can be.

Wicker Wings aims to shine light on this beautiful art through modern design using sustainable materials.

We hope you can join us in our journey.

Belinda and James