our journey begins in the indonesian rainforest

Our handbags start their lives deep in the Indonesian rainforest as a tiny seed, it takes seven years for the plant to fully mature before harvesting, meaning it has seven years of absorbing and storing the world's CO2 before being turned into a handbag.

Our rattan is hand selected for optimum length, quality and to ensure the plant is perfect before it is cut by hand and delivered to the bordering small villages where our bags are made - worlds away from big cities.

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handmade by female artisans

Our rattan is stripped of its tough spiny outer layer and split to our optimal thickness before being left out to naturally dry, sunbathing under the Indonesian sun.

Our strong team of female weavers then get to work weaving the natural rattan strands into the iconic shapes that make up the base of our handbags.

100% OF our weavers are WOMEN

Made in England - Wicker Wings - Wicker Bag - Wicker Handbag - Rattan Bag - BTS-5


Our baskets get turned into handbags at our studio in England where wicker meets buttery vegetable tanned Italian leather by our team of leather craftsmen, who skilfully transform our leather hides into our iconic handles, flaps and straps ready to explore the world with you.

Made in England - Wicker Wings - Wicker Bag - Wicker Handbag - Rattan Bag - BTS-5


HIGH QUALITY, sustainable rattan

Rattan is grown from a single seed. It grows along the vines and it's fast growing, replenishable pace makes it one of the world's more sustainable materials.

We have spent many years sourcing high quality rattan; finding the perfect thickness and strength combined with our unique colour range to create beautiful pieces that will last you for years.


We use the most environmentally friendly method of finishing leather.

Produced using the oldest methods of tanning leather, our Italian vegetable tanned leather uses natural materials such as tree bark and flora in the tanning procedure. This process has a much lower environmental impact than popular chrome tanned leathers.