our journey begins in the indonesian rainforest

Our handbags begin as seeds in the Indonesian rainforest, taking seven years to fully mature and absorb CO2 before being harvested. The rattan is carefully chosen for quality, hand-cut, and delivered to small villages bordering the forest, far from city life.

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handmade by female artisans

We remove the outer layer from rattan and split it to the right thickness before letting it dry naturally under the Indonesian sun. Our skilled female weavers then craft the rattan into the iconic shapes that form the base of our handbags.

Made in England - Wicker Wings - Wicker Bag - Wicker Handbag - Rattan Bag - BTS-5


In our studio in Manchester, we combine our baskets with vegetable-tanned Italian leather, expertly crafted by our team of leather artisans. They skillfully transform the leather into our signature handles, flaps, and straps, ready for your worldly adventures.

Made in England - Wicker Wings - Wicker Bag - Wicker Handbag - Rattan Bag - BTS-5


HIGH QUALITY, sustainable rattan

Rattan starts from a single seed, growing along vines in a speedy, sustainable race. We've scoured the earth for the highest quality rattan, seeking the right blend of strength, thickness, and vibrant colors. Crafting pieces that will be worn for years to come!



We opt for eco-friendly leather finishing methods. Our Italian vegetable-tanned leather relies on ancient techniques, using natural substances like tree bark and plants in the tanning process. This approach has a far smaller environmental footprint compared to chrome tanning.