Wicker Wings x Juliet Angus: Get to Know

Introducing the Wicker Wings X Juliet Angus: From Her collaboration - an exclusive collection of bags that celebrate women supporting women and the beauty of handmade craftsmanship.

We’ve been working with Juliet for over four years now and our shared background story and passion for high quality products made us the perfect match. Juliet embodies so much that we stand for, and we knew she was the perfect person for us to create a bag you’ll be carrying season after season and someone who could really embody the From Her campaign.


Together we wanted to create more than just another collaboration bag, something that was high quality, attainable but also something that had more meaning. For Juliet, it was crucial to create a bag that she could proudly hand down to her daughter, Gigi. She wanted something that would go perfectly with her summer wardrobe as well as carry a deeper significance.

The "From Her" campaign is about so much more than just the final product. It's about the entire journey we embarked on together—from initial design chats to the meticulous craftsmanship.

We invited Juliet into our world, and as you may or may not know, we work closely (everyday, side by side to be precise) with all our female artisans; we know their back story, their families and who they are. So it was important for us when Juliet was happy to visit our unit in Manchester, England and discover the process, meet the women and understand everything that goes into each bag.


It was important for Juliet to meet the women who help make the Juliet bag happen

This campaign celebrates the dedication of the likes of Anissa who skillfully weave the rattan by hand, Babara and Tye who expertly change hides of leather into smaller components that transform baskets into handbags. The handbag itself became a powerful symbol of their hard work, creativity, and the shared determination of women to make something truly extraordinary.

Juliet-Cream on Cream-Front-1-Wicker-Wings-Wicker-Bag-Bucket-Bag-Bags-for-Women-Designer-Handbags-Beach-Bag-Summer-Bag-Straw-Bag-Black-Bag-Crossbody-Bag-Mini-Bag-Leather-Handbags-Purse

A timeless, sustainable bag that’s a reminder of the beauty that emerges when women come together. It's more than just a bag—it's a symbol of empowerment and change in the fashion world.

So, as you carry the Juliet bag, remember that it's a statement piece that tells Anissa’s, Babara’s and Tye’s story of creativity and the incredible things we can achieve when we stand together.


From factory floor to campaign