Everything begins with a story.

Ours begins with our family.

We discovered that our 嫲嫲 (māma, grandmother) handmade woven baskets for a living in China years before moving to England. Inspired by this and the stories she told us gave us the inspiration to create a brand that would place weave into the core of everything we do.

After falling in love with the artistry and understanding the decline in the demand for handwoven jobs, Wicker Wings aims to shine light on this beautiful art through modern, considered design using the finest and most natural materials.

Wicker wings grandmother our story

Grandma pictured in here hometown in China, 1979

Wicker wings handmade wicker woven basket handbag

Each basket is intricately hand-made in our home village in China using age-old techniques that have been handed down through generations of highly skilled artisans.

Once this process is complete, each basket is sent to our small studio in England where we use the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather to develop the basket into a handbag.

We work closely with our small team of passionate and experienced leather artisans here at our studio in England who cut, prep and finish each leather piece ready to be assembled in house. Each handbag is beautifully made in England.

Our handbags echo stories of the past as we strive to create beautiful and lasting handbags through reducing our environmental impact, whilst sustaining artisanal jobs.

The team initially consisted of a sister and brother team but since then we have grown from just the two of us to now having a small team (including our 嫲嫲) united by the passion to sustain this beautiful handicraft. We all have a shared passion for creating beautiful accessories that transcend seasons, giving this ancient technique a new lease of life using the finest and most natural materials.

As seen in vogue, glamour, grazia, marie claire, harper's bazaarNow you know why we started, discover more about us and what it is what it is we want to do.

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