It’s crazy because we get so lost in the world we currently live in, but believe it or not there’s a story and process to everything.



The rattan seeds are planted in Philippines, grown to about 6 foot and then cut and sent to China. China is where where the most amazing, talented and friendly group of artisans take over and use their artisanal skills to weave our baskets.


#Knowthestory. Pictured above is Aunty Zhang, she is 65 years young here. Her fellow artisans call her Aunty Zhang and she has woven baskets since she was 20. She is a farmer by day, but weaves baskets for extra income.

We use the finest vegetable tanned leather Italy has to offer. Strictly vegetable tanned leather, nothing but the most natural material to accommodate our naturally grown wicker baskets.

Quality, detail and craftsmanship – that is what we’re about (and of course wicker is at the core of everything we do).






We bridge Chinese artisanal craft with British leather expertise and the final result is absolutely stunning.



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