We know that bags are so important and personal to a woman’s wardrobe so when we designed the Micro Bo we kind of knew it was going to be the most personal, individual and distinctive bag we would release to date. When we received the first sample we knew that we wanted the Micro Bo to be represented just like how we designed it.

This got us thinking, and at this time we were about to launch Stories to our website (it’s been in the pipeline for some time now and now it’s here) and as the team sat down to think of ideas on how we wanted our women to portray the Micro bag.

We really wanted something that would intertwine the introduction of Stories and the Micro Bo, but in a thoughtful way.

In case you didn’t know, Wicker Wings is a brother and sister duo inspired by our grandmother and as family is at the heart of everything we do, we felt there was no better way than to put together and combine our most intimate bag with Belinda our co-founder’s children.

Both Amelia and Ava have different personalities and you can see this through the imagery. The story of our grandmother is a story of the past and Wicker Wings is something for their future. The girls are individual, distinctive and petite just like the Micro Bo. Sometimes it can get quite hectic and the process of building Wicker Wings does take a lot of time away from spending it with them, but the images really reflect their character and I could not be prouder of them.



For us, our bags are compact and as you reach to the levels of Micro it makes you question what your “genuine” necessities are, for us this is the definition of the personal Micro Bo.

It’s a beautiful handbag, completely handmade by skilled artisans and finally assembled and made at our studio with the finest and sustainable materials.

It’s your perfect companion whether that be at an evening soirée or simply add the detachable chain for a weightless handsfree weekend.

Discover the Micro Bo below



Micro Bo