A lot of time, effort and meticulous care is carried out to create every Wicker Wings handbag.



A small seed is planted, nurtured and grown to a certain height before it is cut ready for our talented artisans to weave into beautiful wicker shapes. The type of wicker we use, which is called rattan, is one of the stronger and more durable materials used to weave – one of the main reasons why our core collection is made up of this.

The wicker body is delicate as well as incredibly robust, this means the wicker body can endure knocks and bumps but a little extra care is needed when using the bag. Our baskets have been thoroughly tested over the years to withstand various conditions.



We use the highest quality vegetable tanned leather, one of the most environmentally friendly methods of tanning leather. All our hides come from tanneries in Tuscany, who produce for some of the most renowned fashion houses in the world. The hide of leather has tonal differences and small marks all of which add beauty and uniqueness to the leather.

This type of leather shows off the material in it’s most natural and beautiful state, maintaining natural flaws and markings inherent from the skin of the animal. We hope you appreciate the slight variations in the natural hide.




No two items are the same. The combination of Chinese artisanal craft and British leather craftsmanship is reflected in the ageing of the bag. After years of extensive research, the wicker and leather used softens over time transitioning the two art forms into one single entity.