Everything has a story and from what we’ve learnt over the past years in developing our product, is that there is a process to everything.

Quite literally, everything.

We live in a world where everything is fast. Everything is done so quickly, so rapidly, we forget the story and the process that go into creating something special, something meaningful.

We too have been so caught up in the fast world we live in. But after spending years developing our product, we feel it is necessary to slow things down and shed light on the craftsmanship, time and detail that goes into everything we do.



We create beautifully hand made women’s wicker handbags, inspired by a philosophy of knowing the story and understanding the process.


We try to be as natural as possible. The rattan used is naturally grown; with no machines used in the weaving process in creating the body. A small seed is planted, nurtured, and grown to a certain height before it is cut ready for our talented artisans to weave to create the beautiful wicker shapes. Each naturally grown strand is carefully hand woven creating the foundation on what is to become a Wicker Wings bag.


Our core collection comprises of high quality Italian vegetable tanned leather, the most natural method of tanning leather. We commission our leather from tanneries in Tuscany, who produce leather for some of the most renowned fashion houses in the world. We combine our naturally grown wicker baskets with this beautiful material.

The type of leather produced by this method shows the material in it’s most natural state, maintaining natural flaws and markings inherent from the skin of the animal. Time, effort and meticulous care is carried out to create the type of leather.




Our handbags combine Chinese artisanal work with British leather craftsmanship.

Wicker Wings focuses on the quality, detail and craftsmanship, whilst leading the way for a socially conscious business. Wicker Wings creates bags for the woman who lead a curious life. Women who want to discover, explore and engage with the stories that lie beneath the surface.

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