It’s been a while hasn’t it? For those who have been with us at the very beginning, it’ll feel like a lifetime ago and for the new readers – welcome! It’s been a little over 7 months to be precise. 7 months since we completely shifted focus on the rebrand.



the finest quality Italian vegetable tanned leather



We get asked a lot why we changed our strategy, why we changed our business model and the truth is, we sat down and spoke extensively on where we wanted to be in 10 years time. And although the destination is still a little blurred, we had some sort of an idea on what avenue to go down. We did our research this time, like properly did our research, and we completely submerged ourselves in the fashion world. After months of talking, brainstorming etc, we knew where we wanted to be, we knew how to get there (well, kind of. We’re still learning) but big changes were needed in order to do so – and the old products would not be enough to take us towards that blurry destination.



*new logo alert*


So here we are. We’ve spent almost a year on product development and laid the foundation to creating things that we have complete and utter control of. It’s been long, it’s been tiring and it’s been beyond stressful but the foundation is in place now.


We have the most amazing team of artisans in China, and we have a small but dedicated team of leather craftsmen based in England.


We source, sample and get whatever our research capabilities allow us to do so. In terms of business, the beauty of having the majority of the work done in England is one thing: control. On a personal note, we’ve discovered the most amazing leather craftsmen with decades of experience in leather. Before they met us, they lived a quiet life tucked away in the small pockets of an industrial unit. But having worked in tandem over the past year, we’ve developed a strong personal relationship with them. Sharing the same values when it comes down to product and in many ways, in life.




It’s been long, it’s been difficult but the foundation is set now (well, kind of). The short term struggle is our long term gain.

We’re definitely back and we’re certainly better.



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