“I wish to see Miss Hu’s tall friend again”


Those were the words of the student in the Luoyang Primary School in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. His name? Du Ping. This post is about how little things can lead to bigger opportunities.

Yunnan, China (2014). We drove for what seemed like a lifetime to a school in rural China. We spent time interacting with the kids, exchanged words of English and Chinese, took photos, wrote in their diaries and played basketball. But there was this one kid, Du Ping, who would not leave my side for the 3 hours of being there. Towards the end of school, I gave out the 10 postcards of Liverpool that I had and made sure Du Ping was to get one.

Months go by, and I receive this photo of Du Ping holding up the postcard, still in perfect condition, and a letter he had written.



And this post is really about emphasising what the Bag for Bag mission is all about. Whether it’s helping locally, helping internationally, a small gesture, a big gesture, at the end of the day it’s all about giving. And what people don’t realise, is what small gestures can really do.

Kids like Du Ping have never left their village, let alone China, so who knows? Giving this small gesture to Du Ping might inspire him to explore what’s outside his village, inspire him to travel, encourage him to be more open minded and may lead to bigger opportunities that could alter his life and his family’s life.


So let’s make 2017 a year about small gestures.


Yes we can sit here and devise a plan to help the entire world, and we aren’t saying you shouldn’t do that because you definitely should, but in the meantime, it’s those tiny gestures that really make all the difference too. After all, who knows? Your small gesture might lead to endless opportunities.