The fashion world as we know it today is simply too fast. It’s just so readily available and so readily disposable. We live in a world where we no longer think about the process it takes to create things. We want things and we all want it now, and so the fashion industry does just that.

When I was 16, I worked in retail where there was generally two seasons, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter but with the continuous demand for different collections and different designs, it has altered the meaning of each item and added to the throw away culture we inhabit. This is leading to people buying more and as mentioned on Fashion Revolution’s website, on average we have £285 worth of clothing which we will never wear. Like, never wear though (?!)



So in my love story as part of the fashion revolution, I will talk about a beautiful pair of shoes my mother gave to me, ones which she has worn many times over the years.

Our parents moved to the UK over 35 years and set up their own fish and chips take away. They arrived with nothing, but working hard everyday for over a decade gave mum the money to buy her first bit of luxury. A, what is now, a vintage white Chanel square bag and the most amazing white Chanel shoes to match.


Though we disagree with the Chinese way of thinking, materials are a symbol of progression. But despite our views, we understand now and can appreciate what the Chanel items symbolise in their eyes: a remainder that her life was slowly changing. A contrast from growing up in a small village in China with nothing but fields of farms that surrounded it. 


This is why it’s important to #Knowthestory – because these too have a story to them and whenever I use them, I also feel the same sense of pride, joy and empowerment. It took a lot of hard work and dedication for my parents to get to where there are now. They are a true inspiration to me and my siblings and without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

So these shoes will forever be with me, I will continue to look after them just as my mum has over the years and teach my children the importance of the story behind them – and maybe one day pass them down to my kids (or not!).

WW was created to shine light on our grandmothers past whilst bringing it into the future. All our products are handmade using the most natural materials available. We create products with the philosophy of ‘Know the Story. Understand the process’. Our bags are made to last, and we hope that one day you will be able to gift yours to your daughter who will be able to write about it in her very own Fashion Revolution Love Story. I know that just like in this picture, these beautiful Chanel shoes and our beautiful mustard Kuàng go hand in hand.

With brands like Fashion Revolution steering the ship, it creates a community, gets others involved and points us in the direction of change. We know it’s a difficult process for brands and others to be completely transparent and thoughtful towards the social and environmental factors. But small steps, lead to big change. We just want people to realise that there is a story and process to why and how things are what they are, to shop for things that last and not buy into this disposable culture.